Record setting results! When I was chair of the Stewardship Ministry at Forest Hill Church, Lois coached us through a process that resulted in a multiyear strategic plan. Through her guidance, the group felt at ease and each member felt valued. All participants were constructively engaged in creative thinking and practical problem solving. She helped us reach consensus on the changes we wanted to make. The final product was a viable, dynamic instrument that helped to focus our efforts, elevate our teamwork, and in the end produced record setting results.

Familiar with a host of settings!  Lois is a talented, creative presenter to groups, as well as in one-on-one situations, where she offers instruction and techniques in stress management through coaching, counseling and the practice of yoga. In addition, she is thoroughly familiar with all the components of wellness and its application in business, non-profits, education and a host of other settings. I have always been impressed at her ability to adapt these principles to both religious and secular settings. 

~Bob W.

My dream job!  Coaching with Lois helped me redefine my career focus. Her questions helped me see how the skills I was using in my previous position could translate to other types of work. She also helped me articulate what I really wanted to do. This is what ultimately landed me in a job I had not previously envisioned – my dream job!
~Sharon S.

Life balance! Lois coached me on key issues of life balance and helped me move through a process of letting go of priorities that no longer served me.  She introduced me to the practical tools I needed for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and I have used those tools throughout the years.  She is wise, warm and compassionate, and her sense of humor meant that I laughed more than once during every one of our meetings. Lois is more than just a coach for specific goals or problem-solving.  She is a coach for how to live well.
~ Janet O.

Passion and unconditional acceptance! Lois is an inspirational speaker, who sweeps you up in her enthusiasm, intelligence and sense of humor.  Whether she is leading a women’s retreat, a grief support group, or an eight-week class on creativity, Lois touches your soul because of her passion and unconditional acceptance, and gently nudges you along for the journey.  I have been forever changed for the better by Lois!

~Jeannie C.